One of Bowie’s pre­ferred haunts was the Exil (‘Exile’) restau­rant, locat­ed on Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It closed its doors in 1996. Today, Restau­rant Horváth calls this spot its home.

It was an irre­place­able, unmiss­able expe­ri­ence and prob­a­bly the hap­pi­est time in my life up until that point. Coco, Jim and I had so many great times. But I just can’t express the feel­ing of free­dom I felt there. […] At night we’d hang with the intel­lec­tu­als and beats at the Exil restau­rant in Kreuzberg. In the back they had this smoky room with a bil­liard table and it was sort of like anoth­er liv­ing room except the com­pa­ny was always chang­ing.

David Bowie, Uncut, 1999

We used to hang out at the Exil and in oth­er places that I can’t remem­ber. Most­ly restau­rants where we went to eat, some­times bars.

David Bowie, Tagesspiegel, 2002

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