Forsthaus Paulsborn

The Forsthaus Pauls­born in 2015
© Dguen­del via Wiki­me­dia Com­mons, CC BY 4.0

The Forsthaus Pauls­born is a his­toric restau­rant and event venue locat­ed in the Grunewald for­est. It was orig­i­nal­ly a hunt­ing lodge and now serves tra­di­tion­al Ger­man cui­sine and hosts var­i­ous events.

Amidst the urban chaos of Berlin, the Forsthaus Pauls­born pro­vid­ed Bowie with a serene retreat into nature’s embrace.

For me, one mem­o­ry endures indeli­bly from those days. It was a first Christ­mas togeth­er: Bowie and my boss with part­ners, chil­dren and add-ons like me. At the seclud­ed Forsthaus Pauls­born in the Grunewald, the deep and dark urban for­est that hugs the city’s west­ern fringe, we ate and drank too much and Bowie gave me a copy of Fritz Lang’s biog­ra­phy. At the end of the hap­py evening I fol­lowed him down­stairs to the huge, ceram­ic bath­room where, as we stood before the uri­nals, we sang Bud­dy Hol­ly songs togeth­er.

Rory MacLean, Finan­cial Times, 31 Jan­u­ary 2014

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