Joe’s Bierhaus

Joe’s Bier­haus, which first opened its doors in 1975, was a pub that also host­ed live con­certs. It was sit­u­at­ed at the cor­ner of Theodor-Heuss-Platz 12 and Heer­straße. Today, the spot is occu­pied by a branch of the “Block House” steak­house chain.

When Bowie moved from Los Ange­les to Berlin in late 1976, he’d been on the edge of phys­i­cal and men­tal col­lapse. At first, he fell back on old habits, cruis­ing around the divid­ed city with flat­mate Iggy Pop, drink­ing KöPi [König Pilsen­er beer] at Joe’s Beer House, stum­bling into gut­ters and trans­ves­tite bars, club­bing at the Dschun­gel and the Unlim­it­ed.

Rory McLean, 2016

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